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We provide food catering services for these functions or any others if you need a  Downriver Detroit caterer or Toledo area catering service. 


Pig Roast Catering Michigan


When it comes to pig roast catering Michigan doesn't always have too many choices. Neither does Ohio for that matter.  Rather than 'settling' for what you can find, why not have BBQ catering that's mouthwatering delicious? The answer is you can when you...

Call the Cook.

BBQ catering in Michigan, at most places, consists of some baked beans from a can, a bit of corn and shreds of dried out meat drenched in tasteless sauce. Wouldn't you rather have barbecue catering with homemade potato dishes and vegetables? Don't you want slowly cooked roast pig that simply melts in your mouth? The better question might be.. who doesn't want great food?! 

Served as a dinner or a la carte, it's a great choice for anyone who wants official BBQ catering with all the flavor and none of the work. You can pick a single side item or several. It's up to you.  Our prices include carving and set-up too. So if you'd like to 'wow' people at your next event, Roast Pig is always a favorite. 

Some caterers flash cook a pig onsite for about 7 hours. Sure, the pig is cooked, but it doesn't retain the full capacity of its juiciness. With Call the Cook, we slow roast your pig (sometimes beginning the process in the early morning hours). It's then brought to you, complete, for three main reasons: 1) You can have a 'photo opportunity' with your dinner, 2) You never have to worry about the charcoal / grease 'mess' and 3) it retains all it's moisture until it's ready to be served.

Contact us today to learn more or check out our PIG ROAST BROCHURE. And remember, when it comes to pig roast catering Michigan doesn't have a lot of places to turn, but the good news is you've found the best so don't wait; email today or use the form below.

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